Making a game in 12 hours A blog post by Jesse Luoto

Failing is a big part of design process. Fast failing. So how fast could I make a game?

Putt-e screenshot

Answer: In 12 hours. Putt-e was a personal challenge from 2013 to make a full game as fast as possible.

The first objective was to do a fully playable game in 6 hours, but I found out the hard way that boolean modifiers are damn hard to implement on 3D objects. So overall 12 hours included everything from designing to trying to total failing to redesigning and actually succeeding.

Try it out!

The project's code is available on GitHub and it is licensed under MIT license, so you're free to pick up where I left off.

You can also play the game in the browser. It's compiled to JavaScript, so no plugins required.

One more thing...

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