Surf's Up: Riding the Waves of CreativityA blog post by Jesse Luoto

Picture this: you're a surfer waiting for the perfect wave to come along. You need this wave in order to ride it back to shore and feel the exhilaration that comes from conquering a force of nature. Life itself, especially in terms of creativity, is a lot like surfing those waves.

Now, I must admit I've ever only been surfing indoors, but my experiences with creativity have taught me that it comes in waves, much like the ocean. Sometimes, you'll be riding high on a wave of ideas and inspiration, but other times you'll find yourself in a creative slump.

When you catch the right wave, you experience a flow state where everything just seems to work and your focus is entirely on creation. But when you miss that wave, you might find yourself paddling furiously, trying to catch up and squeeze out just a little bit more creativity.

This is where the problem lies. The more effort you put into trying to force creativity, the more energy you waste and the more frustrated you become. So what's the solution?

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the wave, struggling to catch up, it's time to let go. Stop paddling, stop forcing yourself to be creative, and allow yourself to rest. Embrace the downtime and focus on other tasks that might have been neglected during your creative streak.

By giving yourself a break and focusing on the more mundane aspects of life, you're making room for the next wave of creativity to come. And when you feel that wave beginning to rise, you'll be rested and ready to catch it.

So, to all the creative souls out there, remember that it's okay to lose the wave sometimes. Don't try to paddle uphill against the current. Allow yourself to be uncreative for a while, and know that when the time is right, you'll be ready to catch the next wave and ride it to even greater heights.


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