The Vocal Learner's Epiphany: How Audiobooks Changed My LifeA blog post by Jesse Luoto

There's a saying "different strokes for different folks", and when it comes to learning, this couldn't be truer. I recently discovered that I'm a vocal learner, and it's been a game-changer in the way I consume information.

My journey began with a podcast called Getting into Infosec where I heard Marcus Carey talk about being a vocal learner. This struck a chord with me because I, too, read slowly and narrate texts to myself in my head. I've dabbled with speed-reading techniques, but they never quite worked for me because, as an audible learner, I need to "hear" the text to retain it.

Long, intricate novels were especially challenging, as they required a faster reading pace to keep up with the flow of the story. Reading fiction in schools was painful. Only later in life I stumbled upon the magic of audiobooks.

Now, I know audiobooks have been around for a while, and I even tried them when they were only available on CDs. The problem with those, though, was that you couldn't adjust the narration speed. So, if the narrator was too slow for your liking, you were out of luck.

Enter modern streaming services - the game-changer for vocal learners like me. With the ability to change the narration speed, I found my sweet spot. Running the narration at double speed allowed me to comprehend and retain the information at a pace that worked for me. Last year I read almost 100 audiobooks, along with constant consumption of podcasts.

This revelation made me realize that schools don't teach us about the different types of learners and how to find our unique learning styles. Whether it's reading, listening, or comprehending, it's essential to find the tools and methods that work best for you.

So, if you struggle with reading or retaining information, give audiobooks a try. You might just discover that you're a vocal learner, and this simple change could revolutionize the way you consume and retain information. Happy listening!


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